Revival Tabernacle

In the Great Plains

     In the year 1998, I was an Evangelist-at-Large for Family Worship Center (A.K.A. Jimmy Swaggart Ministries) in Baton Rouge, La. A couple from Nebraska, who frequently attended camp-meetings there, invited me to come and minister in a tiny village named Plymouth, near Beatrice. The meetings were rich in blessing. During those gatherings it was requested of me to come two hours to the west in Webster County and preach. The meetings there also were successful. As a result, in the month of July of that year we began Revival Tabernacle. Founded upon Psalm 137: 1, our objective was to demonstrate to both young and old that one did not need to live all their lives in despondency, holding to mere recollections of the Lord’s past deeds, that God once again could show himself strong on behalf of a people who trust him.
     In October of 1998, I married a lovely lady named Tiffany, who at the time was at Oral Roberts University. After our wedding was performed by Jimmy Swaggart at FWC, we formally moved to Red Cloud to begin our frontier labors in pastoral work and evangelism. From here we have driven over a million miles across south-central Nebraska and north-central Kansas, and the greater part of the USA, ministering in revivals and camp meetings.
     Various outreaches were born during these seasons of pioneering. Often traversing the United States and venturing abroad in order to preach services for main-line Pentecostal churches, as well as for various charismatic or evangelical fellowships, vast throngs of people have been born again. Our missions to the Middle East and to East Africa have afforded us opportunities for which we are grateful. Our weekly radio broadcast on KRVN 880 each Sunday touches many people. For more than a decade I served on the board of Hilton Sutton World Ministries and ministered with him in various conferences. Upon his death, the TV program, Bible Prophecy Unraveled, which Hilton formerly hosted, aired for an additional year and was co-hosted by me on Lesea Broadcasting network. It reached multitudes yet untold. The radio version of the television program appeared on Lesea shortwave from 2014-2017. It covered the entirety of Europe, Western Russia, all of the Mediterranean districts, Israel, Lebanon and North Africa.
     The sermon CDs freely given out from our fellowships number in the thousands, and we are happy about the testimonies we have heard through the years by individuals who have been edified by the expositional teachings, and by people who were led into the knowledge of redemption through Jesus Christ. Many of those who have been mightily filled with the Holy Spirit and/or healed in some emotional or physical way encouraged us along the way too. Adventurous persons have been called into foreign missions and to other forms of ministry. For all these things we can say, only, ‘To God be the glory.’
     Moreover, through Revival Tabernacle we have also established other platforms for proclaiming the God’s Good News, and are quite pleased that we have been able to feed the hungry souls of so many in Hebron (at King of Kings) and Friend (at Gospel Lighthouse). These two small townships are also located in Nebraska. Through it all, the Lord has given to us the cream of his crop of believers and we are encouraged. Jesus truly is the King of kings and Lord of lords and all of us look forward to all that God will do in Jesus’ name in our our bright and shining future. For He will shew us the path of life (Ps. 16:11), a path that is as a shining light, that shineth more and more unto the perfect day (Prov. 4:18).

     Pastor Darrell has been a preacher of the Full Gospel since he was a teenager. He studied Arabic and the Quran under Dr. George E. Kelsey (1929-2018) in Amman, Jordan. He completed his studies in Pastoral Ministries amid the six seminaries of the Southern Baptist Convention, and received his Doctor of Ministry (D.Min.) from Knox Theological Seminary (Coral Ridge-Fort Lauderdale, FL). Moreover he is affiliated with several ministerial organizations. He is ordained through Central Pentecostal Ministries Fellowship (Panama City, Florida); but he is also a member of the Executive Board of World Ministry Fellowship (Parker, Texas), and currently serves as its Director of International Missions.

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