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Original Righteousness and the Last Adam
Romans 5:8-21

A cursory reading of these verses reveal that generations past and present have been afflicted by the transgression of one man. Sin is the disabler of the very best and brightest of persons. That being the case (and all of the evidence that I have seen makes my statement valid) our condition at birth is the result of one who lived long ago. The first Adam, mentioned in Genesis, who has made sin as normal as the rising and the setting of the sun, also enjoyed an original righteousness.
Meaning that there was a time when man "knew no sin." As is attested by scripture, Genesis 3 and onward is concerned with the effects of Adam's transgression in the earth generally speaking, and with how it has impacted man in particular, But the red thread of redemption, no matter how dark the times of depraved men's actions in biblical history, is easily recognizable and discernible through the blood sacrifices that not only typify Christ's atoning work on the cross but also the one way of salvation before God for all men.

      The Christ of prophecy in the Old Testament became the Jesus of history in the New Testament narrative. The pre-incarnate God who alone is able to offer himself in our stead, came and died, that sin would be remitted and His righteousness shared with us as a gift. {Rom. S:17} Where the first Adam failed, the Last Adam succeeded. When temptation had become a snare to the first Adam, he transgressed and com- promised his righteousness thereby, making it possible as well as inevitable for original sin to be imputed to all peoples of all ages. Yet Christ endured temptation, refusing the "offerings" of

Satan and by doing so continued in His sinlessness that with His sufferings, death, resurrection and ascension, all who would believe on His name would share His eternal life and His original righteousness. It is safe to say,based upon the insurmountable evidence in the Bible that Jesus was never legally yoked to sin through transgressive acts as was the first Adam. We only need read I Peter 2:21-23 to understand this truth!

     Having been made righteous by the works of Christ upon the Cross, we begin to notice that if original sin had its consequences and effects, Original righteousness in Christ also provides very generous and meritorious rewards. By meritorious I mean, blessings, riches of His grace that come to us through Christ Jesus on the basis of undeserved favor bestowed on God's son and all those related to him. Let me enumerate a few of these blessings with which Christ's body has been endowed:

     1. Christ's blood has brought such a cleansing to us that the Christian's conscience is alleviated of the burden of condemnation. {Hebrews 10:19-22}

     2. The righteousness that comes with being in Christ forms the foundation for the believer's authority in certain distinguishable spiritual matters.

     3. We may now gather "in His name" knowing assuredly that He (Jesus) is in om midst. For if we are in His righteousness then he sees us as "kinfolk," brethren,those with whom he

must fellowship, having been born of and adopted by the same heavenly father.

     4. We have every confidence that when we stand before the judgment seat that we will appear clothed in the garment of Christ's righteousness.

5. That the blood of Jesus is able to make the vilest sinner clean. Ensuring that in our witness for Christ, we have the hope that the cross and the blood will meet every need.

     God's plan of redemption is exemplary in all aspects/phases of its design and fulfillment. When we "see" that what the Last Adam has given in the New Covenant, by His blood, upon an old rugged cross is not only timelessly effective but genuinely eternal in all of its application, there will be more joy in our worship of the triune Godhead.

                    Jesus Saves,
              Pastor Darrell Sutton